*Must pay 2nd month. CC required. New Customers Only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Tri Star Storage?

Our leases are month-to-month. When you sign your lease, you will pay a prorated amount for the current month plus any elected Tenant Protection coverage. After that, rent will be due and automatically billed on the 1st of every month.

A recurring billing account is setup at the time of your rental. Invoices are sent electronically and payments are taken by ACH draft (same as check) or via debit/credit cards. We do not accept cash.

Customers can access their storage unit between the hours of 5AM and 10PM each day.

Customers have 24/7 access to their online account to rent a unit, make a payment, update contact details, schedule a move-out, etc.

Contact Tri Star Storage at (919) 218-7357.

We strive to provide the best storage experience around and are ready to help troubleshoot any issue you may have with your unit or our system. If we are not able to assist on the phone, we will place a work order for maintenance assist during their next visit.

You may store a wide range of items, however there are limits:

Tenants may not store food/perishables, firearms, hazardous/flammable materials, living (and dead) things, money, priceless and irreplaceable items, stolen property and tires.

Additionally, tenants may not use the unit for sleeping, gatherings, direct sales or flea markets. Our units and facility as a whole is not intended to be treated as an office or work space. If you have any questions about what you plan on storing, we invite you to give us a call before renting a unit.

All of our storage spaces require Tenant Protection, but if you already pay for renters or homeowners insurance your unit may be covered. Check with your insurance provider and if self-storage is included as part of your plan coverage, email us a copy of your declaration page to contact@steelrootsstorage.com and we will honor the policy you already have in place.  

If your insurance provider does not cover your storage unit, we can provide coverage for you at $12/month which provides $2,000 in coverage.

If “Self-Insured” is selected during the rental process, customers must provide us their declaration page within 14 days from the date of rental. Otherwise, accounts will be auto-enrolled in the based plan.

Contact us by phone and we will help you transfer units in minutes.

For a fee ($40), Tri Star Storage maintenance staff will cut the lock within 1 to 3 business days. Do not attempt to remove the lock yourself. No locksmiths allowed.

Removal of locks by anyone other than Tri Star Storage staff constitutes breaking and entering. We have special equipment to remove locks that do not risk damaging our unit latches.

Should you want to purchase a new disc lock from us, one can be provided to you for $15 with the cost added to your next month’s balance.

Please refer to your rental lease agreement for specific delinquency dates and associated delinquency rates.

You can cancel your lease at anytime. The easiest way to schedule your move-out is by logging into your account on our website. We ask that you give us 10 days notice and vacate by the last day. The unit must be completely emptied of your belongings and your lock removed by the last day of the month to avoid further charges. No exceptions. Please remove your silver disc lock. It is yours to keep.

For example, if the last day of the month is the 30th, a tenant must schedule their move-out on or before the 20th to avoid being charged again on the 1st of next month.

The Tri Star Storage Difference